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My pages are dedicated to those men and women who served in the Vietnam War.  What you will find on these pages is a mixture of the gritty and the sublime.  How often life is like that, the smile of a child emerging from a dirt-covered face. 

Some things here may be unbelievable to you, if they are outside your experience.  Perhaps you think the War could not have been so bad and the effects so lasting as shown in material here.   Perhaps you think  communication from passed-on loved ones is beyond credibility.  Eternity is big enough to hold your doubts.  Doubt is a place of beginnings, after all. 

In particular I dedicate these pages to my husband Tigr, who with great heart heard Johnny's voice, picked up his mission, and carries it on.   


     Johnny's Place

Photos, Reflections, and          Poetry


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      Tigr's Site 

My husband's tribute to Vietnam Vets, especially his 1/9 Marine Brothers



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    Humidity Moon

Stories of the Vietnam War by 2/1 Marine Michael Rodriguez



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       Marine Corps


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     Native American


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