A Prayer For Healing and for Blessing

O Lord, as I direct my thoughts toward you and focus on your presence here with me, I become aware of how you love me and lead me to grow and mature in the experience of your guiding, caring love. It is so wonderful the way you work inside of me to help me, so that you and I are as one; you in me and I in your loving sphere. I shall never forget that in times inner storm and unrest, you enable me to lose my fear and to trust in the firmness of my faith and the truth that is the basis of all my beliefs. I know that I can call on you in times of trouble. I know that you will change my fear to courage, and see me safely through.  I love you Lord. You have touched me with your wonderful love, and for that I am truly thankful. I thank you Lord.




Artwork: Hanging Hydrangeas Carolyn Blish and is
used with permission.
Christ-Centered Art Gallery

Music: Secret Kisses
Bruce DeBoer
Used with Permission

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