We thank all Veterans throughout the years who have served during both war and peace for their noble sacrifice to defend and protect our great country and the principles upon which it stands. 

This year our thanks come with a heavy heart knowing that we are engaged in a probable long war that is so bewildering to most of us. Our hearts are heavy knowing that young men and women will be called upon to pay the highest price -- to give their lives for our country -- and knowing that their families' lives will be shattered for the rest of their natural lives. 

We also thank all of those who have served in law enforcement and the fire and rescue agencies; they have given us their best and we appreciate their efforts to serve while putting their lives in harm's way.

Please forgive us for not being more eloquent. Know that our heartfelt prayers are with you. May God Bless America and her Veterans and may He protect those who currently serve.  May Goodness prevail over evil. Amen.

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