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We want to thank Valerie Ekholm for presenting us our very first award on 
October 5, 1999. Valerie also made this lovely page set.

Our Second Award! Given to us by Nancy on October 24, 1999 of
  Winged Web Graphics.  Nancy did the artwork on Judy's pages. 
Thank you, Nancy!

Cynthia honored our site on  November 22, 1999
Thank you Cynthia!
Visit Cynthia's site at Jaustenville

Harriet's lovely thank-you for help on her site
Letters from Beyond

Thanks Magge!

thank you SusieD!

A heartfelt thank you to Joyce for presenting
this gorgeous award to us.

This Miracle Award was presented to us by
In Pursuit of a Quiet Life
Harriet nominated us for this award! Thank you!

Thank you Edda! What a delightful surprise!
Edda presented this award on February 11, 2000


Award presented to Egogahan on November 30, 1999


A special award given to the special members of Messages With Meaning

For an exquisite site

This is a wonderful group of people, and I think everyone
 needs to be applauded for their efforts.. God Bless


Music is Carolan's Concerto