WakanTanka Long Ago
Dedicated to our website by Sheri (aka Litefoot)

As we walk the path of life do we listen to what it says?
There are secrets from spirit brothers, and stories to be told.
Listen to the gentle breezes that sings through the trees, 
Listen as the water as it flows through our streams. 
We hear the birds sing and the bees as they buzz, 
But listening is something we never think of. 

The night it lights with all of the stars 
And the morning sun to bring warmth to our hearts. 
Do we really sit and listen to the secrets that they have to tell? 
How we can tell our secrets like our forefathers told, 
If we don't listen to secrets that we are being told? 
Our spirits go on forever, they guide us through our lives 
And we will follow our spirits they are only a whisper away.

If only we but listen what stories they can tell, 
Of how prairies went on forever and the herds of buffalo. 
Food was always plenty and these were happy times. 
They are here, still to teach if we only listen to stories unfold.
The great WakanTanka is with us all forever and not just long ago.


Sheri is a very special friend. She monitors two stroke survivor boards
 in addition to bringing joy to many people on the Net
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