Links to Other Sources Regarding
Life After Death and Related Topics:
The writings of Emanuel Swedenborg, 
Near Death Experiences, After Death Communications, 
 Out of Body Experiences. Lucid Dreaming
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Looking for more articles based on Swedenborg's writings? Please visit my friend, the Rev. Lee Woofenden. He has a library of wonderful and uplifting articles on the Net.


Rev. Dave Sonmor's Perpetual Calendar. A daily selection from the Bible and Swedenborg's writings.

Swedenborgian OnLine Library

The Spiritual Frontier
Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg

Sweethearts in Heaven by Kaye and Robin - a memorial dedicated to their soulmates Jim and Bryan. After Death Communications stories of Jim and Bryan and others. Letters from Beyond

Wonderful inspirational writing from those who have crossed over. Comforting and uplifting.


Angels on Earth

 Look for the newly published book
A Little Door, A Little Light
by Ellie Braun-Haley
This book is about Afterdeath Communications 

Melvin Morse, M.D., Researcher of Near Death Experiences of Children

True Spiritual Experiences of the Vietnam War

Claudio's Bereaved  Parents Website
Claudio is a medical doctor who has experienced ADCs with his young son.

Susan's visit
 from her father

Journey Thru Grief
Debbie's grief support and tribute to her husband, Jerry and son, Mark

After-Death Communication (ADC): Hello From Heaven! by Bill and Judy GuggenheimAfter-Death Communication:
An After-Death Communication (ADC) experience occurs when you are contacted directly and spontaneously by a deceased family member or friend, without the use of psychics, mediums, rituals, or devices. The site is hosted by the co-authors of Hello From Heaven!, Bill Guggenheim and Judy Guggenheim. It offers many interactive features, including several chat rooms and a message board

TASTE is an online journal devoted to transcendent experiences that scientists have reported. It lets scientists express these experiences in a psychologically (and professionally) safe space.

Here and Hereafter
Lisa's site of ADCs with her son, Joshua and his dog, Duke plus other animal ADCs

A Lawyer Argues
 for the Afterlife

Our Time Here  A thoughtful poem written by our friend, Val

Myths of Skepticism

Society for 
Psychical Research

Society of Scientific Exploration

Robert Peterson - Free Online Book on Out of Body Experiences

Michael Grosso, PhD

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