Creation: Rebirth of the Spirit

A Chart by the Rev. Lee Woofenden

First Day
Light, darkness, day, night

Second Day
Sky, waters above & below

Third Day
Land, seas, plants, trees

Key to the Chart
Creations of each day

First realization of
higher meaning to life

Distinguishing spiritual
& material ideas

Development of
spiritual understanding

Spiritual Sense:
Individual spiritual growth

Seed, germination

Sprout pushes
above ground

Growth of trunk,
branches, & leaves

Growth stages
of a tree

Earliest Religious Era
Eden to the Flood

Ancient Religious Era
Flood to Moses

Israelitish Church
Moses to Malachi

Internal Historical Sense:
Human spiritual ages

Innocence of ignorance

Instruction & knowledge

Youth, young adulthood
Instruction & knowledge

Stages of life &
growth of the mind

Love for self

Love for

material things

The four basic loves

Learning what is

right & wrong


Stages of regeneration

Fourth Day
Sun, moon, & stars

Fifth Day
Fish & birds

Sixth Day
Land animals, humans

Seventh Day
God rests · blessed & holy

Putting Lord at center;
faith & principles guide

Inner & outer faith gain
new life from belief in Lord

Acting from both
faith & love

Acting from love through
wisdom; conflict ends

Top reaches direct sunlight

First flowering

Setting fruit

Ripe fruit with seed

First Christian
The Four


Second Christian
The Book of



Middle age

Late middle age

Old age
Innocence of wisdom

Love for

other people

Love for

the Lord

R      e  

  f      o      r      m      a  

  t      i      o      n


(Note the relationships between the creations on the days above and below each other in the chart)