A Prayer to help deal with stress

 A Daily meditation:

God help me to work through the stress that is in my life today,

So that I need not be anxious for tomorrow.

I know that you have given me life that is to be developed and enjoyed.

I know in my heart that you provide all that I need for health for

Happiness, and for eternal life.

Please help me to remove those elements in my life that stand in the

way of my enjoying your bounty to the fullest extent.



Teach me to manage what seems to be unmanageable and to use the

stress in my life for renewal and growth.



Lord I pray that you will be with people who have been

victimized and traumatized by the acts of foolish, uncaring people,
who think that terrorism and killing and domination are the only way to resolve their problems. May those who perpetrate such actions come to see

that the way to peace is through loving acts of kindness and not through

violence and pain.



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