Connie, Susie, Jim, Shirley and Bill

Jim and I had pistols and we warred against each other as cowboy outlaws.  Jim even cold-cocked me with his pistol and knocked me out wearing his trademark: a coonskin cap.  We loved each other a lot but fought against each other all of the time even while we played our games. However, we always teamed up against others that were the enemy. Jim was very strong for being so small statured. He took up for himself. Jim warred later in life and this time he took the fall.


Bill dedicates this poem to Jim

You sit at home and watch T.V.
You're sipping a refreshing ice cold tea.
The news comes on and then you hear
The all-star game is drawing near.

Then you see a far-off land,
Where men are dying in the sand.
A frown appears across your face,
You're tired of hearing about the place.

Who cares about Viet Nam across the sea?
It's far away and doesn't concern me.
You had rather hear the Beatles play
Than learn about the world today.

But stop and think a moment or two,
And ask yourself, Does this concern you?
It's great to be alive and free,
But what about the guy across the sea.

He's giving up his life for me,
So that I can live under liberty.
He's far away fighting at war,
Instead of fighting at my front door.

This guy who lives in filth and slime,
How can he do it all the time?
He's about my age so should he care,
About a war someone else should share?

You call him vile names and make fun of his cause.
Yet he's away, first to win your wars.
You lucky guy, you laugh and sneer,
Because you've never really known fear.

This young man faces death each day,
But he always has something funny to say.
No mail today, a twinge of sorrow.
Oh, what the Hell! There's always tomorrow.

The morale is low, the tension is high,
Some even break down and cry.
He wants to go home and see a loved one.
He works all day and stands guard all night.

He's tired and sick but he continues to fight.
The college crowd thinks he's a fool,
But that is what makes him hard and cruel.
You can't appreciate what he will do,
Like giving up his life for you.

He sacrifices much yet asks nothing in return.
Just so you can stay in school and learn.
He believes in freedom and the American life.
No parties and dances for this young man,
Until he comes back home again.

The days are hot and the nights are too,
What wonders a cold can of beer can do.
He dreams of a cool beer and a thick juicy steak.
Some will be heroes because they are brave,
And others will get a wreath on their grave.

You'll recognize him as he walks by,
There's a sadden look in his eye.
He's called the world's greatest fighting machine,
No wonder he's proud.


(Author Unknown - Please email Judy if known and credit will be given.)


Jim's mother, grandfather and father

Bill at 18

Jim at 17

Sue, Bill and Dakota Lloyd
Bill's grandson in corner
September 1999

Yes! Bill and Sue Texas style!

Bill and Sue's Wedding


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