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Dedicated to All Vietnam Veterans and
Especially to James Vance

Far away in a country to us known,
Stands a brave soldier to us unknown.

He suffers and gives up a lot,
Without much time for descent thought.

He rises at dawn without much hope,
But faces the problems he has to cope.

He has a family across the sea,
But where they are he cannot be.

NO! He must fight to the bitter end,
And he to his injustice work attend.

He is sad and quivers inside,
But knows he cannot run and hide.

He knows his own life is at stake,
But life from his partners he cannot take.

He can barely face the awful thought,
That his own troop might soon be caught.

He continues to struggle on still farther,
Only to think of family, mother, and dear father.

At last he comes to meet his fate,
Only to make his fellowmen hate.

As he is dying this he said,
"Do not be sad but do be glad."

"I'm only one more unknown to all man,
But I've fought and struggled for this land."

"So my comrades do not grieve my death,
But think of those who still take breath."

Susan Kay Cler 1969
Now known as Sue Lloyd
(married to Bill Lloyd, cousin of James Vance)


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