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Swedenborg wrote that we are surrounded by spirits (both good and evil) at all times so that we are left in spiritual freedom as to our choices. He wrote that one of the ways to attract more angels to us was by reading the Bible. One day, as I was reading the Bible, I was aware of Jim's presence. And I began to talk with him. I told him that I could sense his presence and also that of my Mother and grandparents, for all of them loved reading the Bible. So I told Jim that I was aware that four angels were right there with me, but I doubted if any others were.

Amazingly enough, at that very split second, I saw angels in my den - and there were many of them - so many that the entire den was filled with them! I was astonished - and just as quickly as I saw them, they left my sight. 

Swedenborg wrote that at certain times our spiritual sight is opened and we see into the other side. This is why the individual person sees visions where others, who may be right there, do not. Other times, several people can have their spiritual sight opened and they can simultaneously see into the other side.

This is similar to what happened regarding the Star of Bethlehem that guided the three kings from the east. Only the Magi and the shepherds saw the star - which meant that their spiritual sight was opened and  they saw God's Heavenly light guiding them to the Lord Jesus.

The reason why only the Magi and the shepherds saw this guiding light is what they represent: the Magi represent those who cherish truth for the sake of life, and the shepherds represent those who cherish innocence.

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