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Emanuel Swedenborg's Writings
"All People who live good lives,
no matter what their religion, have a place in Heaven."

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The theological writings of Emanuel Swedenborg, an 18th century scientist and mystic, are among the most rational and comforting of all dealing with the Afterlife. Even though Swedenborg was a Christian, he wrote that people of all religions were in Heaven and his writings are ecumenical cutting across all denominational and religious lines. Below are some sites that are recommended reading for anyone dealing with bereavement issues and/or seeking information regarding the Afterlife. Be sure to check every month as I am trying to add links to articles on a regular basis. Look for thesign. Many of these links are other sites, so just use your browser back button to return to this page. 

If you wish to be eternally happy, know and believe you will live after death.
 Always remember this, for it is the truth.

Emanuel Swedenborg
Heavenly Secrets #8939

Angels, Heaven, Life After Death:

Eternal Life Death and Beyond
Angels of Heaven & Earth All About Heaven What if It's True?
Angels of Heaven New Life in Heaven Heaven
What Are Angels? To Become an Angel Live as if Eternal
True Love Love, Marriage & Creation Marriage in Heaven/Soulmates
Marriage/Metaphysics Answering the Lord's Invitation More on Marriage in Heaven
Death and Rebirth   Life that Leads to Heaven A Matter of Death and Life  
The Law of God is Love Death and Resurrection NDEs and Love
What About Babies? A God of All Religions My Personal Angel Sighting
Light From Heaven The Homecoming   The Heavens Were Opened

Hope, Comfort, Answers, Why:

War, Tragedy and a God of Love Where is God in This?
  Beauty from Ashes Johnny Appleseed:
Peace Amid the Storm
Fear Not!
 What About Babies? What Can We Learn?   Glimpses of God

God's Love

A Covenant of Love The Love that is God
The Lord Looks at the Heart In the Hands of the Lord Liberating Love
God So Loved the World Blessed Are You When

Faith, Forgiveness, Spiritual Walk

Forgiven and Forgiving Counting the Cost
He Leadeth Me Have a Little Faith Choose Life
Preparing the Way The Road to Emmaus Faith
Denial: Obstacle to 
Spiritual Growth
Send in the Clowns The Dream
The Easy Yoke The Mountains of the Lord   Praise God!
Maintaining the Glow Holding On and Letting Go Just Like Judas
Gardens and Shepherds   Humility/Reality/Enlightenment
Blessings in Disguise God's Moving/Our Rebirth Values and Priorities
A Labor Dispute When Treated Unjustly The Location of Victory
A New Will Born Again A Voice Out of a Cloud
The Mystic Quest One-Way Passage Eastward What It Means to be Human
A Compass through Lent Truth on Trial Victory Through Surrender
Doing the Impossible The Garden The Golden Rule
Family Values The Heart of Faith   A Home of Our Own
A God of All Religions The Chosen People When All the World is Paradise
  Light From Heaven Sent Out to Preach and to Heal The Life That Leads to Heaven
The New Christianity    The Homecoming A Little at a Time

Theological Questions:

A God of All Religions What Does God Know?
God and Human Evil The Wisdom of God Jesus our King
A Mountaintop Experience As Was His Custom The Lord's Ascension
Religion vs Science? What's Wrong with Evil? Human Evil
Good News! Was Jesus Man or God? What the Bible Says About...
Redemption The Golden Rule   Salvation the Goal
The Straight Facts Born Again What About Babies?
The Bible: Fact or Fiction? Hell - Is it Real?  What About Suicide?

  Bible, Biblical Stories

Why is the Bible So Hard?   Bible that was Lost and is Found
God's Word-Mirror of Identity Correspondences The Word of the Lord
 Fighting Giants Hidden Meaning Genesis A Way to See and Live 
Jacob's Well   Doing the Impossible  A Meditation-New Jerusalem
The Bible: Fact or Fiction?   Lillies of the Fields What the Bible Says About...

The Book of Revelation

The Book of Revelation Lukewarm
The Holy City New Jerusalem Revelation

Marriage in Heaven

 Marriage in Heaven/Soulmates Marriage/Metaphysics
Love, Marriage & Creation More on Marriage in Heaven

The Tragedy of 9-11

In the Midst of the City War, Tragedy and a God of Love
What Can We Learn? Peace Amid the Storm

Beliefs of Swedenborgians

On Line Swedenborgian Library Beliefs of Swedenborgians
Tenets of Swedenborgians The Swedenborgian Church
Looking for more articles? Please visit my friend, the Rev. Lee Woofenden
He has a library of wonderful and uplifting articles on the Net.

Please visit Rev. David Sonmor's Daily Word
Daily selections from the Bible and Swedenborg's writings.

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Recommended Books

Window to Eternity
A good introductory book to Swedenborg's concepts
Angels In Action
An introduction to Swedenborg's concepts of angelic life here and beyond
Conversations with Angels
Swedenborg's own words - edited and recently translated
Light in My Darkness
Helen Keller's Autobiography
wonderfully uplifting!
Bible Study Notes
Highly recommended for those who are interested in the inner meaning of the Bible
Inner Light
A good, comprehensive, concise outlining of Swedenborg's theology
Books can be ordered through: The Swedenborg Foundation
Books by Emanuel Swedenborg
Heaven and Hell
On Line Heaven and Hell
Divine Love & Wisdom Divine Providence
Charity Love in Marriage The Heavenly City
free on-line version
The Four Doctrines:
The Lord, Sacred Scripture, Life and Faith
On Line Swedenborgian Library True Christian Religion
exposes the fallacies of "man-made doctrine" by focusing on actual Biblical passages

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Who is Swedenborg? 

A visionary of great brilliance with an estimated IQ of 200, Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) spoke nine languages, wrote works covering seventeen sciences, excelled in seven crafts, was a musician, a member of the Swedish parliament, and the inventor of a glider, a submarine, and an ear trumpet for the deaf.

Swedenborg was a physicist who anticipated Einstein by two hundred years; an astronomer who suggested the nebular theory of the formation of the planets; a mining engineer who produced the first Swedish texts on algebra and calculus; a physiologist who discovered the function of several areas of the brain and the ductless glands, and the designer of the world's largest dry-dock.

His earthly accomplishments would have filled a dozen lifetimes. But they were not enough for Swedenborg, who pressed his search for the human soul beyond material intellect into the spiritual world.

Not content with the limits of the physical senses, Swedenborg opened himself up to vistas that only spiritual senses can detect, and became a messenger bearing news of the world and beyond and within. He wrote 35 volumes of what he observed in the spiritual world over a period of 27 years.

Many famous people have been influenced by Swedenborg's works, including Abraham Lincoln, Helen Keller, Bill and Lois Wilson (founders of AA and Al-Anon), Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Carl Jung and others.

Swedenborg: An Introduction to his life and writings