Index of Memorial Day Sermons

May 30, 1999

A New Model of Manhood


May 24, 1998

Lasting Memories


May 25, 1997

Looking Back, Looking Forward



That one's country should be loved, not as one loves himself, but more than himself, is a law inscribed on the human heart; from which has come the well-known principle, which every true man endorses that if a country is threatened from an enemy or any other source, it is noble to die for it and glorious for a solider to shed his blood for it. This is said because so great should be one's love for it. It should be known that those who love their country and render good service to it from good will, after death love the Lord's kingdom, for then that is their country; and those who love the Lord's kingdom love the Lord Himself, because the Lord is the all in all things of His kingdom.

Emanuel Swedenborg
True Christian Religion, #414 



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