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Our thanks to Bill Guggenheim, co-author, along with Judy Guggenheim, of Hello From Heaven,
 for the term After-Death Communications and for their continued research in this area. 
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Marine Afterlife
Answers about the Afterlife by Johnny and Jim

ADCs With Johnny by Barb  

ADCs With Jim by JudyE

ADCs With My Husband By Donna

ADCs with Brett By Sheri

David's Pennies From Heaven! by Jane

ADCs With My Daughter by Robin

A Letter from Beyond by Harriet

ADCs with my Son, Jason by Ellie 

Mo's ADC with Jim!

A Poem from Jim

Rich's ADCs with Rhoda

Messages from Dad by Kay

Joshua's Sign from Heaven

Homeward Bound

ADCs with my Son, Cody, by Karan

ADCs with my Dad, by Laura

Pearl's ADC with her mother

Leonard's ADC with his son

Jana's Cookie

ADCs with Cindy by Joe

Sweethearts in Heaven by Kaye and Robin - a memorial dedicated to their soulmates Jim and Bryan. After Death Communications stories of Jim and Bryan and others.

How to Make Contact with Your Loved One

For Pet After Death Communications, click here 

Rainbow Bridge

 If you have been touched by the death of a loved one 
and are looking for comforting, uplifting information
regarding the life to come, please go to our 

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Pet ADCs

For true Vietnam war-era spiritual stories,
go to Bill McDonald's site:

My friend, Harriet's site:
Letters From Beyond: Inspirational Writing from the Other Side

Keep a candle burning for all of us,
 here and beyond.

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Letters From Beyond: Inspirational Writing from the Other Side

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