Index of Sermons
Building the Church


September 12:

Doing the Lord's Work


March 30:

Resurrecting the Church

April 6: I Am the Vine, You Are the Branches
April 27: The Woman and the Dragon

January 27:

Inheriting the Mantle

February 3:

Rebuilding Our Temple

April 9: A New Vision for the New Church
September 10: Building a City of God  (No Java)
October 29: Farewell and Welcome
November 26: A Vision for Our Future
February 7: Paradigm Shift
May 16: The New Christianity
May 23: Growing in Spirit
September 12: New Year's in September
October 3: Our Spiritual Investments
October 17: The Sabbath: A Family Event
November 14: Growing in Love
January 25: Our Circle of Love
April 19: Growing the Church
May 31: The Light We Shine
October 25: Steeple Raising
November 15: An Inviting Church
January 5: The Fellowship of Communion
January 12: You're Welcome!
January 19: How May We Help You?
May 4: Confrontation: Handle With Care
June 1: A Family Feast
September 7: We Would Be Building


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Music: Heart to Heart
1999 Bruce DeBoer

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