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Life Leading to Heaven



February 23:

The Lesson of a Vine

March 2:

An Amazing Transformation

March 16: I Was Blind, But Now I See
September 7: On Earth as it is in Heaven
September 14: The Kingdom of Heaven is Near!
September 21: Wheat? Or Weeds?
October 5: Littlest to Biggest
October 12: Trials and Fermentations
October 19: Finders Keepers
November 2: A Fish Story to End All Fish Stories
November 9: Debits and Credits
November 16: Buying into Heaven
November 23: The Biggest Banquet Ever

March 10:

A Matter of Death and Life

March 17:

Sent Out to Preach and to Heal

April 14: A Date Late and a Dollar Short
May 12: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
May 19: The Prayers of the Saints
June 2: The River of Life   No Java page
September 15: Resting in the Lord
November 3: Our Escape From Egypt

March 4:

The Baptism of Jesus  ( No Java)

April 22: The Innocence of a Child
May 27: The New Jerusalem, Part 2:
According to What We Have Done
September 9: Today is the First Day of Eternal Life  NoJava
October 21: Happily Ever After
June 4: Living the Good Life  (No Java)
August 20: Building a Heavenly Self
September 10: Building a City of God  (No Java)
September 17: Creation: Rebirth of the Spirit  (No Java)
September 24: Alone with God
October 1: Extending an Olive Leaf
October 15: Giving Up Everything for God
November 5: On Holy Ground
November 12: A Bittersweet Path
November 19: God's Open Invitation
December 3: Called to New Life  (No Java)
December 10: The Battles of the Heart
January 10: New Every Year, New Every Morning
January 24: Doing Dishes
January 31: Eternal Life
February 28: Baptism: A Lifelong Journey  (Non Java)
March 14: Who Runs Your Life?
April 4: Resurrection to Internal Life
April 11: Forgive, Forget, and Bear Fruit
May 2: Pointing Fingers
May 30: A New Model of Manhood
June 6: Make Music to the Lord
October 10: Renewing Our Relationships
October 17: The Sabbath: A Family Event
October 24: Serving with Joy
November 14: Growing in Love
December 26: Go Tell It On the Mountain


January 4: All Things New!
January 11: Give Yourself a Break!
February 1: Listening for the Lord's Call  (No Java)
March 1: A Journey to Resurrection
March 8: Taking Inventory
March 15: The Divine Standard
March 29: The Installment Plan
May 31: The Light We Shine
September 20: The Parable of the Potter
January 26: Lead Us Not Into Temptation
February 9: Deliver Us From Evil
February 23: Get Real!
March 9: Shape Up!
March 16: Your New Self
April 13: Spirit in Action
April 20: Living On Purpose
May 11: Mothering the Lord
June 1: A Family Feast
September 21: Becoming Like Children
November 16: Speaking from the Heart
November 30: Clean the House! The Lord is Coming!
December 28: He Came to Save Us From Our Sins
October 6: The Life that Leads to Heaven
October 13: The Hour of Trial  (No Java)
October 20: Seasons of Life
November 3: One with the Lord




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 Music:  Spring Rain 
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