Sermons for 2003

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January 2003

January   5:  The Government of the Lord
January 12:  Halfway Measures
January 19:  Turning the Tables
January 26:  After Me, the Deluge

February 2003

February   2: The Eternal Word
February   9: The Labor of Love
February 16:  Powerful Innocence
February 23: 
The Lesson of a Vine

March 2003

March     2: An Amazing Transformation
March     9: Worshiping in Spirit and in Truth
March   16: I  Was Blind, But Now I See
March   23: One Flock and One Shepherd
March   30: Resurrecting the Church

April 2003

April      6: I Am the Vine, You Are the Branches
April     13: Irresistible Force (Palm Sunday)
April     20: My Lord and My God (Easter)
April     27: The Woman and the Dragon

May 2003

May      4: The Alpha and Omega
May    11: All God's Relations

June 2003

June     1: Who Are We, And Where Are We Going?
June     8: Ruler of All Nations

September 2003

Sept     7: On Earth as it Is in Heaven
Sept   14: The Kingdom of Heaven is Near!

Sept   21: Wheat? Or Weeds?

October 2003

Oct     5: Littlest to Biggest
Oct.  12: Trials and Fermentations
Oct.  19: Finders Keepers

November 2003

Nov.    2: A Fish Story to End All Fish Stories
Nov.    9: Debits and Credits

Nov.  16:  Buying Into Heaven
Nov.  23:  The Biggest Banquet Ever

December 2003

Dec.   14: Answering the Lord's Invitation
Dec.   24: What Child Is This?
Dec.   28: The Divine Birth



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