The Lord
Index of Sermons


January 4: The Infant Lord
January 11: A Child of Revelation
January 18: And Jesus Grew In Wisdom
January 25: Water and Spirit    No Java
February 1: Desert Warfare
February 15: A Promise and a Mission
February 22: Darkness at Home
February 29: A Critical Question
March 28: Communing with God
April 4: The Inner Passion of the Christ
April 11: The Eternal Resurrection of the Christ
May 2: Love, Mercy, and Evil
May 9 : Sodom and Gomorrah
May 23: A Divine Rescue Mission
June 6: Superficial Religion
June 13: Rationality and Faith
September 12: Doing the Lord's Work
October 17: Natural Allies
October 24: Defining Moments
November 14: The Divine Marriage: Preparing the Way
November 21: The Divine Marriage: Seeking Oneness
November 28: The Divine Marriage: Making the Connection
March 9: Worshiping in Spirit and in Truth
April 20: My Lord and My God
May 4: The Alpha and Omega
June 8: Ruler of All Nations
December 28: The Divine Birth
May 13: The New Jerusalem Part I: Jesus Christ, our Lord and our God
April 23: Tears Transformed into Joy
May 7: Crown Him Lord of All
December 24: Son of God
April 18: A God of All Religions
July 18: We Worship the One God
December 19: Unto Us a Child is Born
December 24: The Word Became Flesh


April 5: King of the Soul
September 27: A Present Help in Trouble
November 29: God So Loved the World
December 6: Divine or Human?
December 13: A Life of Jesus Little Known
December 20: God With Us
December 24: Wonders of His Love
April 6: King of Glory, King of Love
September 14: Jesus Saves
December 14: Infinitely Human
December 24: To Hear the Angels Sing
December 28: He Came to Save Us From Our Sins
September 22: The Lord God Jesus Christ Reigns
November 3: One with the Lord
November 10: Glimpses of God
December 1: Anticipation
December 15: New Beginnings
December 22 Jesus Christ is Born!
December 24 Good News of Great Joy





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