Sermons for 2002

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January 2002

January   6:  How to Make Life More Difficult
January 13:  Steadying the Ark of God
January 27:  Inheriting the Mantle

February 2002

February   3: Rebuilding Our Temple
February 24: When the Time is Ripe

March 2002

March   10: A Matter of Death and Life
March   17: Sent Out to Preach and to Heal
March   31: Roll the Stone

April 2002

April      7: Who is My Neighbor?
April    14A Cantankerous Dinner Guest
April    28A Day Late and a Dollar Short

May 2002

May     12The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
May     19The Prayers of the Saints

June 2002

June     2The River of Life   Non Java page

September 2002

Sept    8Welcome Home
Sept  15Resting in the Lord
Sept  29: The Tower of Ego

October 2002

 Oct    6Angel Visitors
 Oct  20A New Name

November 2002

 Nov    3Our Escape From Egypt
 Nov  10Drinking the Dust of Our Idols

 Nov  17Mapping Out Our Future
 Nov  24Giving and Receiving

December 2002

 Dec    8The Advent of Faith



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