Index of Sermons


June 12: God's Masterpiece
March 9: Worshiping in Spirit & in Truth
March 16: I Was Blind, But Now I See
March 23: One Flock and One Shepherd
April 27: The Woman and the Dragon
November 17: The Divine Marriage
January 6: How to Make Life More Difficult
March 17: Sent Out to Preach and to Heal
May 19: The Prayers of the Saints
September 8: Welcome Home!
October 6 Angel Visitors
October 20: A New Name
November 3: Our Escape From Egypt
November 17: Mapping Out Our Future
May 6: Proclaim the Good News!
September 16: Today is the First Day of Eternal Life     No Java Page
December 16: Salvation From Our Enemies
November 5: On Holy Ground
December 17: Light in My Darkness
January 31: Eternal Life
March 14: Who Runs Your Life?
April 18: A God of All Religions
May 16: The New Christianity
May 30: A New Model of Manhood
July 18: We Worship the One God
March 1: A Journey To Resurrection
October 4: Can We Really Believe?
November 29 God So Loved the World
December 24: Wonders of His Love
March 30: Christrise
April 6: King of Glory, King of Love
September 28: A Covenant of Love
October 19: Light From Heaven
December 24: To Hear the Angels Sing
September 8: The Tabernacle of God
September 22: The Lord Jesus Christ Reigns
September 29: The Bible that was Lost and is Found
November 17: Strengthened by the Hand of God
December 24: Good News of Great Joy



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