Sermons for 2001

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January 2001

January   7: The World of Realities (Java)    No Java
January 14:  David and Goliath
January 28:  Solomon's Glory

February 2001

February   4: The Healing Hand of God
February 11: The Law of Love
February 18: The Heavens Were Opened

March 2001

March    4: The Baptism of Jesus (Java)  No Java
March 11:  New Wine for New Bottles
March 25:  Facing Our Demons, Part I   No Java

April 2001

April 1:     Facing Our Demons, Part 2
April 8:     The Coming Kingdom
April 15:   Beauty From Ashes
April 22:   The Innocence of a Child
April 29:   Eating in the Upper Room

May 2001

May 6:     Proclaim the Good News!
May 13:   The New Jerusalem Part I: Jesus Christ, our Lord and our God
May 20:   The New Jerusalem Part 2: The Book Unsealed
May 27:   The New Jerusalem Part 3: According To What We Have Done

July 2001

July 15:     Our Inner Samaritan

September 2001

Sept. 9:    Today is the First Day of Eternal Life   No Java page
Sept. 16:  Johnny Appleseed: Peace Amid the Storm
Sept. 23:  Created in God's Image   No Java Page
Sept. 30:  The Root of All Evil

October 2001

Oct. 14:    Ishmael: Man of Contention
Oct. 21:    Happily Ever After

November 2001

Nov.  4:    Storing Up for the Lean Times
Nov. 18:   Bread From Heaven

December 2001

Dec.  2:    A Safe Path Through Deep Waters
Dec.  9:    Was Jesus For Real?
Dec. 16:   Salvation From Our Enemies
Dec. 24:   Visitors From Beyond
Dec. 30:   A New Heaven and a New Earth



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