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January 2:

When Disaster Strikes



March 14:

A Covenant with God

March 28:

Communing with God

June 6:

Superficial Religion

October 24:

Defining Moments

November 14:

The Divine Marriage: Preparing the Way

November 21:

The Divine Marriage: Seeking Oneness

November 28:

The Divine Marriage: Making the Connection



January 5:

The Government of the Lord

January 19:

Turning the Tables

January 26:

After Me, the Deluge

February 16:

Powerful Innocence

February 23:

The Lesson of a Vine

March 2:

An Amazing Transformation

April 6:

I Am the Vine, You Are the Branches

April 20:

My Lord and My God

June 1:

Who Are We, And Where Are We Going?

June 8:

Ruler of All Nations

January 13: Steadying the Ark of God
February 24: When the Time is Ripe
March 10: A Matter of Death and Life
March 17: Sent Out to Preach and to Heal
April 7: Who is My Neighbor?
April 14:  A Cantankerous Dinner Guest
April 28: A Day Late and a Dollar Short
May 12: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
June 2: The River of Life  No Java page
September 15: Resting in the Lord
September 29: The Tower of Ego
November 10: Drinking the Dust of Our Idols
November 17: Mapping Out Our Future
January 7: The World of Realities  (No Java)
January 14: David and Goliath
February 4: The Healing Hand of God
March 4: The Baptism of Jesus  (No Java)
March 11: New Wine for New Bottles
March 25: Facing Our Demons, Part 1 (No Java)
April 1: Facing Our Demons, Part 2
April 22: The Innocence of a Child
April 29: Eating in the Upper Room
May 20: The New Jerusalem, Part 2: 
The Book Unsealed
May 27: The New Jerusalem, Part 2:
According to What We Have Done
July 15: Our Inner Samaritan
September 23: Created In God's Image   No Java
September 30: The Root of All Evil
October 14: Ishmael: Man of Contention
October 21: Happily Ever After
November 4: Storing Up for the Lean Times
December 2: A Safe Path Through Deep Waters
December 9: Was Jesus for Real?
December 30: A New Heaven and a New Earth
September 17: Creation: Rebirth of the Spirit  (No Java)
September 24: Alone with God
October 1: Extending an Olive Leaf
October 15: Giving Up Everything for God
November 5: On Holy Ground
November 12: A Bittersweet Path
December 17: Light in My Darkness
December 31: The Real Millennium
January 10: Every New Year, Every New Morning
January 17: Reviving the Spirit
January 24: Doing Dishes
February 7: Paradigm Shift
February 21: The Millennium: A New Spiritual Era?
February 28: Baptism: A Lifelong Journey (Non Java)
March 14: Who Runs Your Life?
April 18: A God of All Religions
May 2: Pointing Fingers
May 23: Growing in Spirit
May 30:  A New Model of Manhood
July 18: We Worship the One God
September 19: Spirit, The Final Frontier
October 3: Our Spiritual Investments
October 10: Renewing Our Relationships
October 17: The Sabbath: A Family Event
November 28: An Expectant Church
December 12: A Little Baby Prophet
January 4: All Things New!
January 11: Give Yourself a Break!
February 1: Listening for the Lord's Call   (No Java)
February 8: Channels of Spiritual Strength
February 15: Satan, At Your Service
March 8: Taking Inventory
March 29: The Installment Plan
September 13: Corresponding with God
September 20: The Parable of the Potter
October 4: Can We Really Believe?
October 11: Jesus Calls Us
November 1: Calling All Saints
November 8: Dreams of Glory
December 6: Divine or Human?
December 13: A Life of Jesus Little Known
January 5: The Fellowship of Communion
February 23: Get Real!
March 9: Shape Up!
March 16: Your New Self
April 13: Spirit in Action
April 30: Living on Purpose
May 25: Looking Back, Looking Forward
August 24: Divine Providence and Human Evil
November 9: War and Peace
November 16: Speaking from the Heart
November 30: Clean the House! The Lord is Coming!
December 14: Infinitely Human
December 28: He Came to Save Us From Our Sins
September 8: The Tabernacle of God
September 22: The Bible That Was Lost and is Found
November 3: One with the Lord
November 10: Glimpses of God
December 15: New Beginnings




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Music: Watermark by Enya